We’re committed to making the Kent Downs landscape accessible to everyone. By focusing on inclusivity and removing obstacles, we’re working to create an environment where anyone can experience the natural wonder of the Downs without facing limitations.

Easy Access Trails

These short trails are ideal for people who are wheelchair users, those with pushchairs or just those who like flat surfaced routes with no gates or stiles.

What is an easy access trail?

Easy access trails are pathways designed to provide people with varying levels of mobility the opportunity to experience outdoor environments comfortably and safely. Our easy access trails are suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walkers, buggies and prams.

These trails typically have paved, compacted, or graded surfaces that are smooth and even. They are designed with minimal inclines and gentle slopes to accommodate individuals with limited mobility or those using mobility aids. These trails are often wider than standard trails to provide ample space for individuals using mobility devices or those who require extra space to manoeuvre.

The aim of easy access trails is to ensure that everyone, regardless of their mobility or ability, can enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes and outdoor environments. These trails promote inclusivity, provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, and foster a deeper connection between individuals and nature.

Changing Places Toilets

A Changing Places toilet is an accessible toilet designed to meet the needs of individuals with severe disabilities and their caregivers. It provides a more comprehensive and accommodating space compared to standard accessible restrooms. Changing Places toilets are equipped with features, such as hoists and height adjustable changing tables that allow for safe and dignified assistance to individuals with complex needs.

We’re proud to have funded the installation of three new Changing Places toilets in country parks within the AONB.  These new toilets are part of the Kent Downs National Landscape’s ongoing commitment to understanding and addressing the barriers to accessing the countryside, and supporting greater inclusion in access to the countryside so that more people can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of nature.

You can find a Changing Places toilet here:

Our hope is that these new toilets will enable Changing Places users, their carers, and their families to be able to enjoy a day out in the Kent countryside, confident in the knowledge that there is a toilet nearby that will meet their needs.

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