The original Kent Downs Landscape Assessment The Kent Downs Landscape was published by the Countryside Commission in 1995, and was accompanied by the Kent Downs Landscape Guidelines.  It remains a highly-regarded document, but both the landscape and the accepted methodology for landscape assessment have changed since it was written.

Therefore a review of the original Assessment has been undertaken to bring the Landscape Character Assessment of the Kent Downs up to date in line with current best practice.  It also assesses changes in condition of the landscape character areas, identifying trends, key issues and reporting these particularly in relation to the character and qualities of the landscape which underpin the AONB designation.  Actions, investments and priorities to conserve and enhance the landscapes of the Kent Downs National Landscape are also provided.

The Landscape Character Assessment Update 2020 of the Kent Downs National Landscape is a component part of the statutory Kent Downs National Landscape Management Plan and was consulted on at the same time as the 2021-2026 revision of the Plan.

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