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The Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Management Plan sets out the vision of the future of this special landscape. It seeks to address key issues and threats and sets out aims, and policies and actions for the positive management of the Kent Downs for a five year period overseen by a 20 year vision.

The goal of the Management Plan is to ensure that the natural beauty and special character of the landscape and vitality of the communities are recognised, maintained and strengthened well into the future.

To help realise the ambitions of the Management Plan an Action Plan has been developed. It sets clear priorities with targets and indicators, how actions might be funded, which organisation will lead and how progress will be measured. The action plan also takes a more collaborative approach, seeking to work even more closely with partner organisations where this is the best way to achieve the objectives of the plan.

Management Plan 2021-2026

The Management Plan 2021-2026 has undergone public consultation and is currently with each local authority to take through to adoption as per the requirement of the CRoW Act. It is expected to be published in September 2021.

View the current version of the Management Plan 2021-2026 ahead of publication.


Management Plan 2014-2019

View the Management Plan 2014-2019 in full



View the Management Plan by section:

1. The Kent Downs AONB

2. The management of the Kent_Downs

3. Sustainable development

4. Landform and landscape character

5. Biodiversity

6. Farmed landscape

7. Woodland and trees

8. Historic and cultural heritage

9. The Heritage Coasts

10. Geology and natural resources

11. Vibrant communities

12. Access, enjoyment and understanding

13. Implementation, monitoring and review