Join us for GeoAdventures, a nine-month festival celebrating the rich geodiversity of our Cross-Channel Global Geopark!

Running from May 2024 to February 2025, you’re invited to delve into the heart of geodiversity, exploring how the earth, sea, and landscape have shaped our world and the communities within it today. Whether you’re passionate about wildlife and nature, interested in citizen science and woodlands, or simply looking to immerse yourself in arts, crafts, and outdoor activities, there’s an GeoAdventure waiting for you.

Each GeoAdventure event takes place at one of our Geosites in the Kent Downs and Caps et Marais d’Opale. Geosites are sites of geological interest across the aspiring UNESCO Cross-Channel Global Geopark, where people can visit and interact with our geological heritage. These unique places represent the incredible variety found in our landscape, based on their geological, educational, or cultural importance.

Find a GeoAdventure

Choose from events for all ages, all themed around our incredible chalk geology that makes the Cross-Channel Global Geopark so unique. New GeoAdventures are being added throughout the festival - bookmark this page and check back regularly to continue your geo-journey!

Aspiring UNESCO Cross-Channel Geopark

Hundreds of thousands of years ago a catastrophic flood swept away the chalk ridge connecting Dover and Calais, carving out the white cliffs of Dover and starting Britain’s history as an island. Yet the Kent and French coasts are still connected today by the layer of chalk which runs below the Channel.

Our journey to Geopark status

In celebration of the chalk and the channel, we are working to secure UNESCO Cross-Channel Global Geopark status for the Kent Downs National Landscape together with our neighbouring protected landscape in France; the Parc Naturel Regional des Caps et Marais d’Opale.

The Geopark will include both the protected landscapes and the Channel connecting them, recognising and celebrating the geological connection between us. The Cross-Channel Global Geopark would be the first to be shared by two countries that don’t share a land border!

What is a Geopark?

UNESCO Global Geoparks are Earth’s extraordinary places! Geoparks aim to conserve geological sites and landscapes while promoting their scientific, educational, and recreational value.  It is somewhere to touch, explore and connect with part of the Earth’s story. They often contain diverse geological features like rocks, minerals, fossils, landforms, and landscapes that tell the story of Earth’s history and evolution. One of the main goals of UNESCO Global Geoparks is to support local communities by promoting sustainable development.

There are currently 213 Geoparks around the world in 48 countries, and together they attract over 60 million visitors a year. The UK has seven UNESCO Global Geoparks in the UK, ranging from England’s south coast to the northern extremities of Scotland. We’re aiming for the aspiring Cross-Channel Geopark to the be the eighth!

GeoAdventures is made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund, with thanks to National Lottery players.

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