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Sevenoaks Greensand Ridge : Westerham to Ightham

Key Characteristics

  • Extensive, often dense, deciduous and coniferous woodlands.
  • Heathy commons.
  • Small orchards.
  • Magnificent views across the Low Weald.
  • Small pastures divided by lines of mature trees and species-rich hedgerows.
  • Ragstone buildings and walls.
  • Occasional cobnut groves or platts.
  • Split chestnut post and rail fencing and chestnut-paling.

Overall Landscape Character Objectives

  • To maintain the existing overall wooded character of the ridge, encouraging deciduous woodlands, and a mosaic of small healthy spaces within the scarp top woodlands, and to retain and open up extensive and far-reaching views across the Low Weald.
  • To maintain the intimate landscape of the orchard belt, preserving the tall shelterbelts, network of small lanes and the cobnut platts.