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We want to help all Kent residents and visitors discover and celebrate Kent’s magnificent ‘Geo’ heritage with nature-based activities. You can sign up to our newsletter to for all the latest news and events.

Tell us about your stories and the places that are special to you – your feedback will help shape our UNESCO application.


Tell us about your favourite places in the Kent Downs

We would love to hear about the places that are special to you Kent Downs. Your stories will help us shape our UNESCO application

If someone came to visit, where is the one place in the Kent Downs you would take them?  It might be the place you go to find the best fossils, or the spot on your favourite dog walk with incredible views of the Downs.

It doesn’t have to be the biggest or best site, it can be somewhere that you personally value that isn’t so well-known. A building in your town or village with a fascinating history, a tranquil dry valley hidden away down a country lane, the disused quarry where you used to hang out as a kid.

Adults and children rock pooling on a beach.

A huge thank you to all the artists, creators, makers, walkers, talkers, geologists, fossil-finders, swimmers, poets, musicians, foragers, story-tellers, photographers, chefs, sauna-ers, and everyone who so whole-heartedly came together to commune and to celebrate our incredible environment and all that lies beneath our feet.

If you had the opportunity to join one of the walks, workshops, community gatherings or other activities, we want to ask you for your opinion. Please complete this short survey to help us shape future events.

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