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Choose a gentle stroll by the marshes or longer rambles over the Downs above the village and its industrial heritage.

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Halling Parish lies between the slopes of the Kent Downs and the River Medway. Using the routes we have designed, you can either take a gentle stroll by the marshes or if you are slightly more adventurous, you can try the longer walks over the Downs above the village.

The history of Halling surrounds you as you stroll around with evidence of a rich industrial past marked by several old chalk pits which have largely been returned to nature and the remnants of the Cemex (Rugby Cement) factory which was the last factory to quarry chalk in Halling.

There are many historic buildings in the parish, perhaps the most iconic being the remains of the medieval Bishop’s Palace, set in its recently landscaped grounds. This can be discovered whilst undertaking the Marsh Walk.

Both walks start from the Bell Inn pub. The longer Downs Walk climbs up to the North Downs Way where a spectacular view of the Medway Valley stretching out before you awaits at the top. Walk the path in springtime and the woodland will be covered with blankets of bluebells.

The shorter Marsh Walk follows the River Medway, a key means of transport for freight before the arrival of the railway line through Halling over 150 years ago. Halling Marshes stretch out to the left and you will see a variety of flora and fauna, constantly changing according to the seasons.

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