Join the Kent Downs sustainable tourism business community by signing our Landscape Promise, or upgrading to become a Landscape Supporter!

To join the network and feature on our website you’ll need to complete our Landscape Promise. This promise is a pledge to the landscape – your chance to tell us what you are doing, or what you intend to do, to help protect, conserve and celebrate the our national landscape with visitors and communities.

You can review our Sense of Place business resources to help you think about your place in the Kent Downs and sustainability. You can also see some examples of other businesses who have joined the network and their pledges.

Membership is free! Simply fill in and submit a Landscape Promise form for us to review. If it’s suitable, we will add your business to our website and send you the Kent Downs Business Toolkit which includes copy and images to help you feature the Kent Downs on your website. Please let us know if you would rather your details were not added to our website.

Once you’re a member of our sustainable tourism business community, and are featured on our website, we ask you to:

  • Include a link to the Kent Downs on your website with the following wording: Our business has made a promise to help protect The Kent Downs Geopark and North Downs Way national landscapes. To discover more about the Kent Downs, and donate to the Kent Downs Trust, visit their website.
  • Sign up to, and share, our visitor pledge (more details will be in the business toolkit we’ll email you).

Become a Landscape Supporter Business

The Kent Downs Trust was established to support projects that benefit the physical, natural and cultural heritage of the Kent Downs, and that protect and enhance its special characteristics. The Trust supports activities that aim to welcome new people enjoying new experiences in the landscape and help people learn the importance of protecting our environment.

Upgrade your Landscape Promise by becoming a Landscape Supporter of the Kent Downs Trust. This demonstrates to your customers a higher level of commitment and association with the Kent Downs. You will also be able to use the official Landscape Supporter logo and state you are raising money for the Kent Downs Trust.

To join us and start giving, please sign up at Work for Good. It is a fundraising platform that makes it easy for small and medium sized charities and businesses to support each other, with easy administration.

Once you have signed up to Work for Good, we will:

  • Send you your special Landscape Supporter logo.
  • Highlight you as a Landscape Supporter of the Kent Downs Trust on our website.

You can then add details and the logo to your website and any other appropriate communications, with the text below:

“Our/my business helps protect the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the North Downs Way National Trail by donating x% of my profits to the Kent Downs Trust. By supporting my business you are also supporting local landscape conservation.”

If you have any questions about working with the Kent Downs, joining our business community, or becoming a Landscape Supporter of the Kent Downs Trust please get in touch! 

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