Introducing the new grant programme: Farming in Protected Landscapes

The Defra-funded programme will support farmers and land managers to carry out projects that support nature recovery, mitigate the impacts of climate change, provide opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and cultural heritage, or support nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses.

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2021 marks the start of the four year transitional period during which BPS payments will start to be phased out in the lead up to Environmental Land Management (E.L.M).

One of the best way to keep payments coming in and ensure you’re ready for E.L.M. is to apply for the Countryside Stewardship (CS) Scheme, and there is good news. The scheme is being simplified with new offers to apply for, and additional penalties have been removed.

Also, from April 2021-2024, the Farming in Protected Landscapes scheme will provide financial support to farmers and other land managers in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. For more information please see pp 44-45 of the Agricultural Transition Plan.

Details are still emerging and we have secured some funding to help farmers prepare. We have appointed Paul Cobb of Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group to support this work.

Working with Paul and colleagues in Natural England we will be able to provide free support to you through local 1:1 advice and local (online) workshops

The aims of this short project are to:

• Support applications to the Countryside Stewardship, providing details of the 2021 scheme and what is new, how to apply and what other sources of help for applications are
available to you
• Support the development of working together in farmer clusters where these fit geographical areas or themes e.g. enterprise types
• Introduce the Environmental Land Management scheme, setting out the structure and timetable of ELM with as much detail and information as is available, and look at
positioning your farm for the future scheme – taking any questions back to Defra
• Introduce the new Farming In Protected Landscapes Scheme using information available at the time, and register any interest to follow up with you.

We know things are moving fast in the farming world and we want to assist you as best we can to support the transition and secure a future which is good for farmers and land managers as well as the beautiful landscapes of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


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