Simone Dill

Location: Surrey Hills.

About: Simone’s local fitness business, Back on Track, has recently evolved to include hiking with an overarching focus to live in sync with nature and the seasons. Simone felt the Ambassador Programme was the perfect opportunity to sharpen up her skills and knowledge about local hiking and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.

“Discover the best hiking trails in the Surrey Hills! We don’t just take you on a walk. We combine best kept secrets, celebrating nature’s seasonal changes, and invite you to switch off and immerse yourself into your senses on your walk. We love a café, and we have some gems of local history to share with you.”
Simone Dill, Back on Track Hiking.

Services offered: Hiking experiences in the Surrey Hills.

Suitability: Adults Only. Some events are appropriate for children over 12 years old.

Telephone: 07958123956


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