Simon Drake

Location: Kent; Folkstone Warren, Harrietsham and Lenham.

About: Simon is a research field geologist based at Birkbeck College, University of London where he is an an Honorary Fellow. For over 15 years Simon has been involved in enthusing and teaching first year university students about geology and has led field classes in Kent, Cumbria and North West Scotland. Simon is passionate about getting non-geologists interested in geology.

Services offered: Easy-going, relaxed, short walks (2-3km) around Folkestone Warren to explain the geology and landslip of the area. Around Harrietsham and Lenham; easy-going walks of around 5km explaining the geology and landscape of the area. The onus on Simon’s events will be talking about geology and explaining rocks rather than covering long distances. The walks will assume no previous geological knowledge.

Suitability: Adults & families with children, adults and/or children with limited mobility.

Telephone: 07762538457


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