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Postling Vale • Brabourne to Newington

Key Characteristics
  • Species rich rough grassland on the scarp.
  • Thick belt of scrub along the scarp foot.
  • Magnificent views from the scarp.
  • Arable fields edged by remnant hedges and scattered large woodlands.
  • Intimate landscape of thick hedges and hedgerow trees around Hythe.
  • Dominant major roads.
  • Thin hedges aligning the Pilgrim’s Way
Overall Landscape Character Objectives
  • To restore landscape features such as hedgerows and shaws on the scarp foot, which emphasise the bold scale of the surrounding landform.
  • To maintain open sweeps of species rich chalk grassland on the scarp, allowing the landform of the Downs to dominate.
  • To restore and replace decaying hedgerows and hedgerow trees around outskirts of Hythe