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Kemsing Vale • Kemsing to Ryarsh

Key Characteristics

  • Steep scarp with a patchwork of woodland dominated by beech, yew and whitebeam.
  • Rough, unimproved chalk grassland.
  • Magnificent views southwards from scarp.
  • Thick, overgrown hedges along Pilgrim’s Way.
  • Large, intensively cultivated scarp foot arable fields.
  • Strong pattern of trimmed hedges with frequent hedgerow trees in the vale.
  • Traditional brick and flint, and ragstone estate houses and farmsteads.
  • Individual mature trees.
  • Visual impact of motorways.

Overall Landscape Character Objectives

  • To protect and enhance the mosaic of scarp woodlands and unimproved chalk grassland, while improving the quality and extent of the existing hedges and woodlands in the vale.
  • To reduce the impact of major roads in the landscape.