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Hollingbourne Vale • Boxley to Westwell
Key Characteristics
  • Yew dominated scarp woodlands in the west, open cultivated fields on the scarp in the east, with many hedgerow trees.
  • Extensive views from the scarp.
  • Large arable scarp foot fields.
  • Some mixed farmland.
  • Predominantly grassland on scarp.
  • Thick hedges along Pilgrim’s Way.
  • Historic springline villages.
  • Scarp crossed by considerable number of roads and footpaths (some, former drove-ways).
Overall Landscape Character Objectives
  • To restore a strong hedgerow network on the scarp foot based on remaining field boundaries, and to return cultivated areas of the scarp to species rich chalk grassland.
  • Conserve, create and manage a good hedgerow network, including patches along Pilgrim’s Way.
  • To reduce the impact of the existing road and railway network on the landscape.