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Crundale Bridge, Capel-le-Ferne to Lyminge

Key Characteristics

  • Long wooded ridges.
  • Dry valleys with open valley bottoms.
  • Extensive coppice and conifer woodlands.
  • Coastal downs.
  • Thick shaws or overgrown hedges on the valleysides.
  • Narrow uncultivated banks or ‘shaws’.
  • Tiny remote settlements incorporating traditional building materials (flint, brick and tile).
  • Large arable fields on ridge-top plateaux.
  • Maze of sunken one-track lanes.
  • Scattered military remains, e.g. pill boxes and gun emplacements.

Overall Landscape Character Objectives

  • To maintain the existing woodland cover, increasing the proportion of deciduous woodlands and to restore the hedgerow network.
  • To maintain the remote, undeveloped qualities of the valleys.
  • To conserve and enhance the wild character and vegetation of the cliff tops.