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West Darent, North Darent, Knockholt.

Key Characteristics

  • Steep, often wooded scarp top and greensand ridge.
  • Strong hedgerow patterns on valley sides.
  • River within tree-lined corridor.
  • Riverside trees and pasture.
  • Flint and brick and weather boarded buildings.
  • Much of the floodplain is arable farmland.
  • Motorway.

Overall Landscape Character Objectives

  • To maintain and improve where necessary the existing hedge network, in particular on the scarp foot and on the northern downland “prairies”.
  • To enhance the river corridor by conserving and extending the variety of tree and grassland habitats.
  • To curb the general suburbanisation of the countryside due to inappropriate development, introduction of non-native species and use of unsympathetic materials and design.
  • To protect and enhance unimproved chalk grassland.
  • Conserve the historic landscape and special character of villages and settlements.
  • To reduce the impact of major roads in the landscape.