Discover a modern-day pilgrimage festival full of walks, performances, and events to help you reconnect with Kent’s rich pilgrim heritage, beautiful landscapes and nature, and like-minded people.


What is a pilgrimage?

A pilgrimage, traditionally for people of faith, is in its modern form open for all to enjoy and experience. It can be transformational and invites locals and visitors to experience new people and places. The simplicity of pilgrimage contrasts with fast-paced, modern living, and making a deep connection with the natural environment, your surroundings and others is encouraged.

Why is pilgrimage in Kent special?

Kent is rich in pilgrim history and home to Canterbury Cathedral, one of medieval Europe’s most popular pilgrim destinations. Today Canterbury city retains the cultural legacy of this medieval history. The cathedral is the biggest attraction to the district, and in fact Kent altogether, receiving nearly a million visitors every year. Place names through Canterbury and Kent pay homage to the legacy of pilgrimage with pilgrims pubs, inns and churches abounding.

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