The international recognition and benefits of UNESCO designation will be fantastic for local sustainable tourism and we need local organisations to join us to make it a reality.

Find out more about how you can benefit from and support the Geopark.

Geopark benefits for sustainable tourism in Kent

International status and local pride

UNESCO status would be a huge boost to the international recognition of Kent as a destination for sustainable tourism. As well as increased awareness of and local pride in the value and importance of the geodiversity and natural and cultural heritage of Kent.

Support for tourism professionals to discover local heritage

We plan to develop a network of local Geopark Ambassadors who share sustainable tourism values and practices based around the amazing natural and cultural resources of the Kent Downs. Sign up for updates below.

New sustainable tourism experiences 

We plan to develop new sustainable tourism experiences for residents and visitors while carefully managing biodiversity and protecting the landscape. Experiences will be nature-based tourism and of benefit to local communities and economies, for example nature walks, geocaching, a festival, farm stays.

No additional legalities

A Geopark would not create any additional legal implications to those protections the Kent Downs National Landscape is already subject to as a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Geopark toolkit

Rolling hills, and chalk cliffs landscape, on a sunny day.

We are developing a bank of photos, videos, and other content that you can use on your own websites to celebrate our stunning geological heritage and to support the Geopark. Email us to request access

Who's already involved?

Group of people standing, making a heartshape. Image taken from above.

We are delighted by the support the Geopark has already received. Local supporters and partners include:

Visit Kent

Creative Folkestone

Folkestone Fringe

Kent Wildlife Trust

National Trust London and South East

White Cliffs Countryside Partnership

The Kent Downs National Landscape is one of 5 project partners in France and England. The Armorique Regional Nature Park is the project leader working alongside the following partners:

Caps et Marais d’Opale Regional Nature Park

Natural Area Conservatory of Hauts-de-France

Isle of Wight National Landscape

Kent Downs National Landscape

Geosites Survey

A UNESCO Global Geopark contains within it ‘Geosites’ which tell the story of the Geopark – not just its geological heritage, but also the story of human activity in the Geopark (our cultural heritage) and the story of the plants, animals and other wildlife of the geopark (our biological heritage).

Geosites are places you probably already know and love such as Maison Dieu, Toy’s Hill, St Mary’s Church, Folkestone Warren, Perry Wood, The River Darent, Shorne Woods Country Park, The Devil’s Kneading Trough.

Tell us about your favourite sites at the link above. Your stories will help us shape our UNESCO application.

SALT + EARTH Festival 2022

Adults and children rock pooling on a beach.

A huge thank you to all the artists, creators, makers, walkers, talkers, geologists, fossil-finders, swimmers, poets, musicians, foragers, story-tellers, photographers, chefs, sauna-ers, and everyone who so whole-heartedly came together to commune and to celebrate our incredible environment and all that lies beneath our feet.

If you had the opportunity to join one of the walks, workshops, community gatherings or other activities, we want to ask you for your opinion. Please complete this short survey to help us shape future events.

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