We recommend that the Game is played at the end of the walk. The children really enjoy this lively end to a great day out. The objective of the game is to reinforce the key learning points of the walk. Children silently choose a piece of paper from a bag. Each piece of paper has one of five separate identities written on it e.g. fossilised sea creatures forming the chalk, farmsteads making up the rural settlements, farmers looking after the countryside, trees living in ancient woodlands, or hills and valleys forming landscape patterns. The children then need to move around whispering their message until they find all the other children with the same ‘identity’. When the children find all the members of their group they can shout out their message e.g. ‘We are farmers and we look after the countryside’. The first group to shout out their message are the winners.

The ‘Game Print Out’ below has the messages pre-printed for you to copy as many times as you need. You can play the game as many times as you like so that the children get a chance at representing different identities. You can also change the identities if you wish to change the key learning points e.g. ‘We are butterflies and we love wild flowers’ or ‘We are blackberries and we grow in the hedgerows’ etc.


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