Discover the real flavour of Kentish fruit, beer, cider and juices, lamb, pork, fresh vegetables and salads, cheeses and preserves.

The Kent Downs National Landscape is a farmed landscape and its local communities take pride in the area’s high quality produce, available in local shops, pubs, restaurants and accommodation.

Local food is fresh food

Buying fresh local produce is good for you! Food that hasn’t travelled for great distances will have retained more of its vitamins and minerals. Quality and availability varies throughout the year, so why not eat seasonally.

Fewer food miles

Buying local produce cuts down on the distance travelled to get your produce to you. The average item on the supermarket shelf travels over 1000 miles. This increases the use of fossil fuels and adds to global warning. Farmers markets provide a regular and secure outlet for producers in and around the Kent Downs.

Get to know your growers 

These markets facilitate direct contact between you and the producer so you can find out first hand how your goods have been produced. Buying local produce enables you to support the management of the Kent Downs. For example, buying locally produced lamb helps to ensure a future for sheep grazing on the Kent Downs that is fundamental to the conservation  of chalk grassland. Farmers, associated industry’s (feed companies etc) and local abattoirs are also supported.

Support traditional regional culture

Keep traditional tastes alive. Buying locally supports regional food and wine culture, contributes towards maintaining traditional and sustainable growing methods, and reconnects you, the consumer, with its source. Shopping at a farm, local produce shop or Farmers’ Market means that you can talk to the producer and find out how the food is grown, raised or produced and when it was picked.

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