Please take care while on this walk as many stiles have now been replaced for gates.

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Discover Bore Place with this gentle circular route revealing secrets of a landscape.

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Bore Place to Bough Beech Reservoir walking trail
Bore Place to Bough Beech Reservoir walking trailDownload
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2 mi3.25 km
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Kent Downs AONB
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The Bore Place trails weave their way through the fields and woodlands of the 500-acre organic dairy farm, offering panoramic views across this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These gentle circular routes reveal secrets of a landscape that has been farmed and worked for over 1,000 years. The trails start and finish at the Bore Place car park and are waymarked by colour-coded directional discs and tall oak posts that wind their way to Bough Beech and back again.

Bird Watchers Paradise

Bird and nature lovers will be in for a treat on this walk as it winds its way down to the Bough Beech nature reserve. Discover undisturbed habitats as they combine effortlessly with the natural environment of the landscape that is untouched by invasive farming methods.

Ancient hedgerows provide natural habitats for several species of small birds, the intertwined branches forming perfect nesting sites, whilst the centuries old wild animal tracks carve intricate pathways in the hedgerow network.

Fallow deer roam freely in the area.  Fallow Deer were first introduced by the Romans and quickly became established in the wild in hunting forests and chases. There are fallow deer in almost every county in England.

As you head nearer the reservoir, keep a look out for the kingfisher, its distinct blue markings being apparent both in flight and when stationery.  They can often be found in the branches of trees near to a river.

Listen to the distinctive call of the nightingale in spring as well as the cuckoo, the grey, dove sized birds can often be found out and about during the summer months.

Keep a look out for Great crested grebes, their majestic presence on the riverbank. Grebes prefer the shallow and larger expanse of water during mating season before returning to the riverbank.  Their distinct head plumage looks remarkable all year round.

Masses of wildflowers adhorn this walk, look out for seasonal favourites with hay meadows being specially managed to produce wildflowers.

This circular walk guides the keen wildlife watcher and enthusiast to some of the best local spots to see special species like the nightingale. The farmland of Bore Place extends almost to Bough Beech Reservoir where it meets the nature reserve. Well-connected areas of good habitat encourage plants, fungi and animals to survive and thrive.

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