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25. Coldrum Stones

The Coldrum long barrow is set on a small hill, in the shadow of the North Downs near Trottiscliffe. It’s one of the best surviving examples of the “Medway Megaliths” a group of Neolithic monuments found in the lower valley of the River Medway.

Built and used over 1000 years before Stonehenge, the Coldrum Stones, or long barrow, housed the bones of ancestors as an ancient tomb. The name ‘Coldrum' may derive from the old Cornish word 'Galdrum' which means 'place of enchantments'.

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The Coldrum Stones are one of 12 viewpoints created in partnership with the Kent Downs AONB and Discovering Britain; The Bone Collectors

Coldrum Long Barrow
West Malling
ME19 5EG