Vincent McDonnell

Location: Surrey Hills.

About: Vincent is a retired geologist with a great knowledge of the local history and geology of the area including the features of the current landscape and its development. Vincent has volunteered as a bio-surveyor with the National Trust and has participated in butterfly transect recording. Vincent would love the opportunity to impart his local knowledge of the butterflies and flora on a walk.

“I love the outdoors and I am a member of the Surrey Long Distance Walkers Association. I have spent many years walking and leading walks across the whole of the North Downs. Now that I am retired, I want to spend even more time in the Surrey Hills while at the same time help promote this beautiful and outstanding national asset.Vincent McDonnell.

Services offered: Guided walks with a focus on flora, fauna and geology.

Suitability: Adults and families with children.

Telephone: 07730 066495


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