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Medway • Birling to Cuxton; Wouldham to Aylesford

Key Characteristics

  • Wooded upper scarps.
  • Wide views across the river, river corridor settlements and south towards the greensand ridge.
  • Trimmed remnant hedges surround large arable fields on the scarp foot.
  • Riverside marshes.
  • Brick and flint buildings.
  • Rolling, intensively cultivated fields.
  • Swathes of dense mixed woodland.
  • Mosaic of unimproved grassland and scrub.
  • Views over adjacent chalk pits and quarries.
  • Industrial history of Medway.

Overall Landscape Character Objectives

  • To improve the quality of the rural landscape by conserving the scarp woodlands and by establishing a new structure of hedgerows and shaws on the slopes to balance the industrial landscape and the valley bottom.
  • To control further encroachment of development into the AONB and urbanisation.