Pilgrimage: A journey with purpose

Join us to discover new ways along ancient routes, following in the footsteps of kings, queens, saints and pilgrims to find peace, tranquility and transformation in nature. Pilgrimage is described as a journey with purpose and is taken by up to 450 million people every year across the World. Our Green Pilgrimage project has involved highlighting some of these pathways and creating new ways for visitors to experience them incorporating wellbeing, local produce, arts, heritage and sustainability. Encouraging pilgrims to tread lightly and explore the beautiful countryside, to meet with locals and connect with the culture, to enjoy the journey and spend time in rest and reflection.

Discover pilgrimage routes

Join us and our partners in following ancient routes and pathways that have been highlighted as part of this project. Read on to find new ways to explore them by visiting local attractions, beautiful viewpoints and experts who can help guide you along the way or teach you some new skills.

New Pilgrimage Itineraries

These itineraries range from 1 day to a week and even longer giving you the opportunity to complete them in one go or in stages. Each includes a range of places you can visit on the way and some top tips for accommodation, food and drink and entertainment fit for a king, queen or pilgrim!

Pilgrimage Experiences Available Now

The wait is over! We have launched experiences with local guides, experts and pilgrimage enthusiasts so don’t miss out, Book now!

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