28. Queendown Warren Nature Reserve

Originally a rabbit warren in medieval times, Queensdown Warren Nature Reserve is 76 hectares of chalk downland renowned for its variety of orchids of which 10 are regularly spotted here.

The main car park at Warren Lane gives easy access to the East and Main Bank and Potter’s Wood. The Main Bank is best for early spider, bee, fragrant and man orchids. A wide variety of butterflies occur here including the beautiful Adonis blue introduced by Kent Wildlife Trust in 2002. Adders and slow worms are relatively common and glow worms light up the grass on July evenings. Herds of majestic Highland cattle and Konik ponies graze here year-round.

Several key indicator species such as bird’s-foot trefoil, black knapweed, self-heal and yellow oat grass are now appearing in various patches as well as grasshoppers, butterflies such as meadow brown, and other insects characteristic of the habitat.

Walking routes nearby

Public footpaths run through the site - check out Plantlife's reserve map for more information

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Queendown Warren Nature Reserve
Warren Lane

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