22. Bredhurst Wood

Bredhurst Wood is coppiced ancient woodland bordered by important and dramatic chalk grassland. It is an inspiring site not least because of the huge effort made by the local community to safeguard its future. Fragmented by multiple ownership, the site fell into decline and a cycle of dumping and mis-use followed. From these unpromising beginnings the Bredhurst Woodland Action Group (BWAG) have worked to reintroduce coppicing, restore chalk grassland and have successfully improved many footpaths and bridleways.

Visitors can enjoy walking or riding through the woodland admiring the newly coppiced areas with splendid views of chalk grassland and hidden valleys.

An active and wide-ranging series of events is run by the Bredhurst Woodland Action Group.

Further information

There are a small number of parking spaces available at Bredhurst Village Hall which is near the footpath into the woods.

Bredhurst Village Hall
Hurstwood Road

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